Friday, January 18, 2019
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Grooming Team



Come meet Healthy Paws groomer Ginny and let her pamper your pooch.  Ginny has more than 10 years of experience working with professional groomers in salon settings and she has recently stepped up to be our lead groomer. She does a fabulous job with basic grooming including bathing, brush outs, body clips, minor breed styling, and all the add on spas treatments. The only service she is not offering is the fancy and specialized breed haircuts. Ginny will also be offering seasonal specials throughout the year, so keep checking in to see what special is running.  



Healthy Paws Spa Services


Basic Spa Day Includes

  • Complete Brush-out, Bath &  Blow-dry
  • Nail trim and Ear cleaning

 Basic Spa Day with Trimming

  • Adds minor breed trimming if needed (ie between toes, rear end, etc)”

Basic Spa Day with shave down

  •  Adds full body clip to keep cool for the summer (this is not a fancy breed hair cut)

Luxury Spa Add-on Treatments (detailed descriptions below)

  • South Barks Blueberry Facial
  • "Shed-Less" treatment, special conditioner helps loosen  under hairs for early removal during the brush out leaving less hair to be shed in your house
  • Moisturizing Coat Treatment
  • Softening Paw Pad  Treatment
  • Nail painting & Pedicure


Add on Luxury Packages include:

  • Silky Show Package
  • Pampered Pooch Package


This package starts with a warm sudsy bath using Calming Waters Luxury Shampoo followed by Calming Waters Conditioner. We then apply High Sheen Coat Renewal for a silky shiny coat. Next the nails are dremeled leaving them smooth and rounded. Teeth are brushed, ears are cleaned, and we finish with Calming Waters Cologne.

Pampered Pooch Package    

For our pampered friends we start with a luxurious bath using one of our premium shampoos and conditioners. While soaking in the tub a blueberry facial will be applied to brighten up the face. For a silky shiny coat we apply High Sheen Coat Renewal. Paws are treated to a smoothing Pad Balm and nails are dremeled leaving them smooth and rounded. Ears are cleaned, teeth are brushed, and 15 minutes of extra brushing! All is followed by a spritz or two of Doggie Cologne!

Shed-Less Package    

This package helps to loosen and remove all that extra fur that ends up blowing around your house! During the bath a special shampoo is massaged into the fur and skin and allowed to “soak in” for 10 minutes loosening up all that old undercoat. It is followed by High Sheen Coat Renewal for that glossy look. Extra brushing and a high velocity blow dryer is the final step to getting all that extra fur out. We then add on a nail dremmel for smooth rounded nails and your pup is ready to go!

South Barks Blueberry Facial 

To brighten and whiten the face. The Blueberry facial is a gentle cleanser made from Blueberry extract, safe to use around the face and in skin folds. This will help remove tear stains and deodorize.

Leaves your Pooch smelling delicious!


Luxury Moisturizing  Skin and Coat Treatment

Made from Coconut and Jojoba oil, this conditioner provides serious hydration for a parched coat. A perfect treat during the dry winter months.

Softening Paw Pad Treatment

Treat your pet to a paw pad massage with a special moisturizing and softening balm to help with the rough paw pads.  


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