Friday, January 18, 2019

Healthy Paws uses Webster VetSource as our exclusive online pharmacy partner!

 Click Here To Visit Our Online Pharmacy!

Why should you purchase through our Online Pharmacy?

  1. Guaranteed authentic medications.  Many 'Internet Pharmacies' procure inventory in ways that invalidate manufactures guarantees.  If you have a problem with the medication you will have no recourse with the manufacture.  Buying from our VetSource site will guarantee quality just as if you purchased it from us directly.
  2. Great Prices.  Prices on our VetSource site are very competitive with any other internet source out there.
  3. Convenient and secure 24/7 medication ordering.
  4. No shipping charges for orders to your home over $39
  5. Support for the hospital - buying through our online pharmacy helps us keep the costs of other things lower! 


Remind Me Program

Remind Me makes it simple to remember heartwork and flea & tick treaments.  These very important preventitive medications are easy to forget and expesive to purchase in bluk.  Using our Reminde Me program makes is easy to remembr and cost effective.  You receive a monthly single dose delivered to your home every month and you just Pay as you go! You only get billed for the medication you receive each month!

Bonus: Free shipping
for the Remind Me Program!



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