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Healthy Paws Wellness Information

What is Preventative Care and why is it important? 

Zoonotic Diseases

What are the diseases common to pets and humans?

Browse all zoonotic diseases via CDC website

Veterinary Medical Information for Clients

Welcome to Healthy Paws Client Education Center

Our goals in developing this page include:

   Providing our clients with understandable, accurate, and current  veterinary medical information 

   Encourage clients to learn about their pet's medical conditions, treatment options, and long-term prognosis.

   Give clients the information they need to make the BEST medical decision for their pets and their family situation.

External Veterinary Medical Website Links

 Beware of the internet...   Although there are many reputable websites, there are also many with outdated or anecdotal information and a few with incorrect information.  To ensure our clients get the most accurate and relevant veterinary information, we have compiled a list of recommended web sites. 

  Visit External Links page or browse top sites listed below. 

Pet Medical Insurance

See our Pet Insurance page for facts about insurance for our furry friends!


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