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On-Line Drug Pet Safety

Maintaining your pet’s health and well-being is our highest priority here at Healthy Paws Veterinary Center. Therefore, we would like to make you aware of potential risks to ordering your pet’s medications online- that manufactures guarantees of safety and efficacy are void and that you could receive expired, ineffective or counterfeit medication that looks legitimate.

Unknown to the general public , all of the major manufactures of prescription veterinary drugs (including Pfizer, Merke, Novartis, etc) have a long standing policy to only sell their drugs to facilities such as Healthy Paws that have current established veterinary-client-patient relationships. They do not sell to any online pharmacies, big box stores or pet stores including Pet Meds, Per Care Rx, Drs Foster and Smith, Costco, Walmart, Petco, etc. The policies were enacted to ensure that their medications were being properly prescribed to appropriate patients, for appropriate medical conditions, and used correctly according to the FDA label. When products are purchased directly from a veterinarian’s office, the manufacture stands behind their product guarantee of safety and efficacy of the medication. In the event of a product failure or adverse reaction, then manufacture will [almost always] provide financial and technical assistance to diagnose and treat the patient- for example paying monetary compensation to the owner for heartworm diagnosis and treatment if the patient is found to be positive after taking the medication monthly year round, but only if purchased from a veterinarian or veterinary outsourced prescription management service such as VetSource. If the owner purchased from Pet Meds, they would get only a refund for the medication price from Pet Meds with no coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of heartworm disease.

Because manufactures do not sell to on line companies directly, these companies are forced to buy their products through middlemen and cannot guarantee that legitimate products have been handled, stored or shipped properly- all of which could decrease their effectiveness and possibly safety of these products. Vaccines for example, allowed to freeze or get too warm during shipping are rendered ineffective and can cause large sores or bad reactions when injected into the body. Additionally, there are increased reports of fake and counterfeit product infiltrating the supplies. Many are in identical packaging and the pharmacies, clients, and even veterinarians cannot tell they are fake… until they do not work or cause illness in the patient.

We make every attempt to keep our prices comparable to many online pharmacies, or if you find online ordering more convenient, we recommend for your online prescription needs. You can visit this site directly, or access it from our website at under the tab for online pharmacy at the top of the page. Since Vetsource is an extension of one of our drug distributors, all manufacturer guarantees are in place for drug safety and efficacy.

We have provided you with a copy of the requested prescription if you choose to continue ordering from the online pharmacy; otherwise we would be happy to help you obtain your pet’s medication here at Healthy Paws or from

For more information, please visit the following FDA sites:

We would be happy to answer any additional questions at (508)475-5051


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